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8 advantages of using WordPress


Since the genius Matt Mullenweg founded WordPress in 2003, this platform has become one of the best and most popular content management systems in the world.

Not only because of its interface, (which seems basic but does everything), but also allows anyone without basic knowledge of HTML, FTP or CMS to create a blog or a web page and maintain it.

With WordPress, it is not necessary to call the designer or programmer to make updates or changes to the web, since one user can be in control of almost every aspect of the site.

This is a great money saver, since for the most basic aspects, it will not be necessary to hire or pay a designer.

The platform offers a huge variety of themes with designs ranging from traditional to minimalist. The catalog is very extensive and has a large number of free themes.

These are the biggest advantages of using WordPress:

1. Easy to use

Thanks to its simple and very intuitive interface, anyone who does not have an advanced technical level can add pages, posts, images, etc. Just follow the prompts or read each option carefully to understand and start working.

2. Can be carried everywhere

Being browser-based, the user can log in from any computer or mobile connected to the Internet and manage their site, publish and carry out any activity.

Although with the mobile application it is a bit complicated, the fact of being able to do such basic functions as approving comments or publishing posts is very, very useful.

3. No HTML editing needed

Forget Adobe Contribute or Dreamweaver and the nightmare of coding, with WordPress anyone can create posts, choose a text format, upload and edit images, documents, video files, and much more without the need to look at the HTML code.

4. Easy to configure

WordPress was created as a platform for blogging, which is why it is so easy to set up RSS, email subscriptions or comments. These tools make the site more dynamic and interactive.

5. It has thousands of plugins

WordPress has more plugins than any other content management system, both paid and free.

Thanks to them, it is possible to expand the functionality of the blog or website, transforming it into a very dynamic project by simply adding an event calendar, a photo gallery, social networks, and much more.

6. It is scalable

The platform adapts as your website or blog grows, so even if you publish hundreds of pages or posts, performance will never be affected in the least.

7. Establish hierarchies

Each site can be managed by multiple users and each can have different levels of access. Thus, the editors of the web will only have access to create entries (and if they wish they can only save in drafts or send for review) while the editor can publish, delete or schedule.

8. Optimization assured

It is very easy for search engines to index content from a WordPress website. Additionally, each page, post, or image can have its own metadata, keywords, title, and description.

These are just some of the many advantages that this content management system offers. Have you thought about using WordPress as a platform for your website or blog? Get advice from experts in web designTell us about your idea and we will help you make it come true.