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Advantages of responsive design for online businesses

Responsive design

In previous articles we have talked about what is a responsive design and the importance of it in current web pages. However, when creating an online business or incorporating the shopping option to your page, the advantages of having a responsive design are many.

This time, we will explain what are the main points in favor to justify the investment of a website with responsive design.

1. With responsive design you reach more audience

There are many studies that have been carried out that show the incredible increase in the number of people using their mobile phones and tablets for any online activity. (social networks, shopping, research, Google searches, etc.).

One of the most interesting studies, carried out by Google, indicates that the 94% of people who own a Smartphone use it to search for local information on their phones, while the 84% takes an action depending on the result, such as the purchase or the contact with the company.

Likewise, 46% of smartphone users have ever made a purchase from their mobile phone, while 67% starts shopping on one device and ends on another.

What does this mean for businesses? If you don't offer your users or potential customers a good experience on their device, you can simply lose visits. On the other hand, you must make sure that the experience is good on different devices, so the chances of retaining them as visitors and then converting them into customers are higher.

2. Stay in touch with your customers

Probably if you take a look at the statistics of your website, you will notice that between 10 and 30% of your visitors use mobile phones and tablets. Therefore, if you do not offer them a friendly version of the site, you will be losing them little by little.

In addition, the responsive design allows you to have a very high response capacity, to keep in touch with customers and collaborate with them when necessary.

3. Responsive design helps with SEO

Some people claim that responsive design is good for SEO, others believe that a responsive website is not the best solution for all businesses. However, Google recommends a responsive configuration when it comes to optimize a web page.

A responsive design can be good for SEO by:

- Although it is available in several versions, the content is published once so there is no risk of duplicate content.

- Any effort you make in SEO for your desktop version is "automatically" applicable on mobile.

- A responsive design offers mobile users an optimized version, making it more likely to rank higher in Google searches.

4. It puts you ahead of your competition

Being one step ahead of your competitors gives you numerous advantages, even more so when it comes to optimizing your website through responsive design.

It is estimated that in 2017 more than 5 billion people use their mobile devices to surf the internet, a figure that cannot be ignored at all.

5. Offers a consistent design across devices

A responsive design can help you maintain a consistent design across all mobile devices, instead of presenting your clients with different pages for their phone, computer or tablet.

There is no doubt about all the advantages that a responsive design offers for an online business, so it is worth making an effort and adapting your website to new trends.

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