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10 tips to get the most out of your Facebook page


Facebook is one of the best social networks to interact with your customers and potential buyers. To get the most out of your time and money on social media, follow these tips and tricks.

1. Take a test

Trial and error. That's what managing social media is all about.

Some companies with Facebook pages only post during traditional work hours, but what about night owls or those people who connect on the social network in the evening hours? Test user engagement at different times of the day

2. Let users interact

Does the company have plans to launch a new product or service? Ask the 'fans' of your Facebook page what their opinions are and take into account all the comments.

If you ask users on Facebook to vote on your new logo or product, you not only give them the opportunity to interact, but you can also increase your audience and brand loyalty.

3. Post images

It is no secret to anyone that images are shared more. In fact, a study showed that images are viralized twice as much as texts or links.

4. Be your biggest fan

In order to fully understand the latest trends and fashions on Facebook, you need to use Facebook outside of your company page.

So if you don't have a profile on this yet social network, it's time to join the rest of the world and create one for yourself. This will allow you to see the behavior of your fans and also of the competition.

5. Get fans outside of Facebook

Use your email list to incentivize your customers to subscribe to your company page. Keep happy and fun content on your Facebook page and use the newsletter to give more specific information.

6. Take Advantage of Calls to Action

You probably don't want your Facebook fans to visit you once and then forget about you. Leave a "Call to Action" pinned on the page, something as always as "Join our group!" pointing to the Like button.

7. Create exclusive content for your fans

This will encourage visitors to stay on your page. Share information, interviews, menus or any content related to your business with your clients on the social network.

8. Make your business page easy to find

Create a custom URL for your company page on Facebook, so users can access it more easily.

9. Use the pinned posts

Facebook allows companies to select one post per week and present it at the top of the page. Thus, any information that you want to highlight, be it a promotion, an event, etc., can be placed at the top of the timeline.

10. Post your achievements

Highlight your company's milestones, be it an anniversary, a meeting, a visitor record, or a new product launch.

Take advantage of all the advantages of Facebook, one of the most effective social networks to attract potential customers for your business. If you need help to carry out your Social Media campaign, contact us. We are happy to help you!