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Benefits of using social networks to improve the SEO of your website

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Admit it: Social Media and Digital marketing are the buzzwords and social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter They are literally the ones at the forefront of this great phenomenon, while other applications struggle daily to position themselves among the best.

There is no doubt that social media and viral marketing are very effective, but how can they help improve the SEO of your website?

Well, social media is much more SEO-related than you might think. After all, what search engines do is track behaviors and trends.

These are some of the benefits of using social networks to optimize your website's SEO:

1. Direct and indirect traffic through links

The simplest articles can be the ones that bring the most traffic to your website, and this strategy is ideal for positioning your brand and gaining visibility. Indirect links are the ones that most benefit the SEO of your page, that is, references and links from other companies.

2. Direct link from sources helps indexing

Some social networks are more beneficial due to the high number of links that help improve SEO. Many web pages include the nofollow tag when linking articles or news from other pages, however, social networks do not.

In addition, social networks are frequently crawled by search engines, so any link that is published on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or any social network helps to rise in the ranking.

3. Social networks with high potential

Another benefit of social media for SEO is that many of these platforms have high domain authority, therefore many of the pages on these sites (profiles, accounts, etc.) rank with specific keywords and rank among the top rankings. search engine rankings.

4. Integration in search results

Google, Bing, and other search engines are working to incorporate useful content in addition to the results. For example, comments, videos and images contain keywords that are highly valued by search engines. In addition, Google and Bing have recently partnered with Twitter and Facebook to incorporate status updates on these social networks in the results, which is undoubtedly a plus for companies to achieve greater visualization.

Being present on social networks means working to optimize the SEO of your website. SEO is not only about researching keywords, optimizing content or including links, but also reaching out to social media to achieve success.

Do you need to incorporate a social media strategy to optimize the SEO of your website? Tell us about your project and we will be happy to help you! At Syncromind we are specialists in Digital marketing.