Top 5 reasons to use Evernote at work

Evernote at work

Surely you are one of those who has a desk full of colored post-its, note sheets or pieces of paper with important information about meetings, contacts, tasks, lunch and dinner reminders, projects and stop counting. Have you ever been recommended to use Evernote at work? 

It is time to take advantage of advantages offered by the use of technology and organize your tasks in a digital warehouse like Evernote, an intuitive and very easy-to-use platform, similar to a real-life notepad and that also has a free version with quality features.

The best thing about this modern application is that since it is cloud-based, you can carry your information on your Smartphone, tablet, computer or any mobile device; Plus, it syncs automatically across all your devices and any operating system, which means you can create and access your notes with just one click even when you work without an internet connection.

In addition, it allows you to activate reminders so that you never forget a meeting again by simply not having found the note among all the clutter on your desk.

Reasons why you should start using Evernote at work

1. All content is hosted in the cloud

You can share your notes with coworkers, family, and friends using a public URL. For example, you can create a task list for the project you are carrying out and share it with your work team.

Create checkboxes to check that each of the assignments are carried out and none of the team members forget any detail. For example, if you have a project Web design, you can mark all the processes that you are carrying out and what is missing to finish them. All Evernote content stays online by default, so you never have to sync or make local copies on each device.

2. It is versatile

Most people believe that this app is only for creating text notes, however, this app allows you to work with a wide range of content.

Well, this is one of the reasons why many people use Evernote at work, since in addition to creating text notes, it is possible to take photos or attach existing images on the mobile or computer to the notes; it is also possible upload PDF files and retain links to other websites, insert spreadsheets, documents or even audio files.

3. Scan images and find readable text

Thanks to your Optical Character Recognition technology (OCR), when you upload an image to Evernote, the application scans it for readable text and searches from there.

Let's say you are having a business lunch with some associates and the napkin becomes your notepad. Now, what do you do with all the information afterwards? Do you rewrite everything? With Evernote the problem is solved and you just have to use the camera of your device and take a photo.

4. Easy classification of your notes

Evernote has a sophisticated organization system, which not only allows you to sort notes into notebooks, but also sort them into stacks. You can tag all your notes for reference, and each note can have multiple tags, so you can search and find more easily.

Also, with this app it is possible create shortcuts to quickly select frequently accessed data and filter search results to save more time.

There is no doubt that this versatile application is perfect for help you reduce dependency on paper, collaborate with your team and increase productivity. Try Evernote at work and you will see how little by little it will become an essential tool in your work and in your personal life. Have you ever thought about develop your own application to organize your projects? Get advice from professionals and make your projects come true!