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What is an influencer and how can it help to position a company

What is an influencer

Influencer is one of the terms that are more fashionable at the moment in terms of digital marketing is concerned, and it is not for less, because this new profession (yes, it can be considered as a profession) can help a small, medium or large company to position yourself on the web and to increase your sales. Do you want to know how? Keep reading!

What is an influencer?

As their name implies, influencers are individuals who have the ability to influence the opinions or purchase decisions of a target audience, largely thanks to their accounts on the social media.

That is, the comments, opinions or recommendations of influencers through the platforms they use daily can make their followers buy, reject or be interested in a product or service.

Why do companies need influencers?

The premise is simple: because instead of having to rely on your customers to promote your brand, influencers provide access to a much wider audience through people who are already popular with the company's potential customers.

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Ellen DeGeneres selfie as part of a Samsung marketing campaign. Photo: Twitter
Ellen DeGeneres selfie as part of a Samsung marketing campaign. Photo: Twitter

And to show a button. Do you remember the selfie of the television presenter Ellen DeGeneres at the Oscars gala in 2014? Well, that has been the most shared selfie in history with more than a million reuits in less than 40 minutes.

In case you didn't know, this selfie was part of a Samsung marketing campaign, which used Ellen DeGeneres as an influencer. The cell phone used to take the photograph where famous Hollywood faces such as Brad Pitt, Meryl Streep or Julia Roberts appeared was made with a Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Samsung, of course, reached its goal, although the price the company paid the presenter is another matter.

Where do I find an influencer for my company?

It is clear that if you are in charge of a small or medium business you will not be able to hire Ellen DeGeneres or a Hollywood star, however, there are many key influencers who can increase your audience and your sales.

Here are some tips to find the perfect influencer and promote your product, brand or service without dying in the attempt.

1. Investigate

Before contacting anyone, it is necessary to carry out a study to determine who your target audience really is and who are the influencers that can help you.

Make a list of the most popular blogs, the publications, social media personalities or photographers related to your target audience.

2. Get familiar with the influencers

Once you know who your main influencers are, you need time to familiarize yourself with their work. Read their blog posts, follow them on Twitter or Instagram and find out what other types of companies they promote.

3. Contact your influencers

Once you know how to contact your influencers (via a contact form? Via email?), It's time to establish alliances.

Let them know up front that you've read their blog / seen their images on Instagram, etc. And then make your proposal. If you can, offer a free sample and be specific about what you want.

The rest is a matter of talking and reaching an agreement. Make sure to look for people who are truly influential in the decisions of your target audience.

If you need more help, don't hesitate to contact us. We want to hear your ideas!

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