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5 WordPress Plugins that your page should have

Plugins for Wordpress

Nowadays it is essential to have a web page where your clients can find all the information they need about the products or services you offer, prices and contact details. But it is not worth just having a website on platforms such as Blogger or WordPress, because despite the fact that once the template is selected and the information added, the work is almost finished, there are essential tools to achieve success, such as plugins for WordPress.

In other articles we have explained how it is necessary to have visibility both in your mobile App and on your websiteTherefore, since there are organic strategies to increase the number of visits, why not use them? This time, we will focus on WordPress plugins, which are nothing more than small software that can be downloaded and launched to expand the functionality of your site.

There are hundreds of WordPress plugins available to download, either through the plugin directory for free or those selected as Premium or paid.

5 Essential WordPress Plugins

1. SEO: SEO by Yoast (FREE)

With more than 19.5 million downloads, this is the best tool to improve the positioning of your website in search engines and attract more visitors, since it allows you to optimize all the pages and entries of your site.

The plugin allows you to work with a preconfigured SEO list to check that you are complying with the best positioning practices, including meta descriptions and optimization in social networks.

2. Speed: WP Rocket (from $39)

The speed of your website will create an impact on the experience of your customers and also improve or deteriorate your position in the Google SERPs. Therefore, you need to take your site speed very seriously, after all, who wants to navigate a slow page?

WP Rocket has a long list of features including image optimization, browser caching, GZIP compression, and more.

3. Social Networks: Monarch Social Media Sharing

Search engines aren't the only way to get your potential customers to find you. If you post attractive content on social media, you can attract a large amount of traffic without too much effort.

But of course this requires specialized social media WordPress plugins and Monarch Social Media Sharing is one of the best. This tool lets you add colorful and stylish share buttons, plus you can add them in five different places.

4. Newsletter: MyMail ($39)

Once you have a subscriber list, the real hard work begins: converting those people who have a little interest in your product or service into regular customers.

But your success will be determined by the quality of the emails you send, and, if that weren't enough, aesthetics is a component that denotes quality. The MyMail plugin brings you stylish newsletter designs directly in WordPress. Also, once you send the newsletter, you can review the most important metrics.

5. Live Chat: Pure Chat (FREE)

Customer service is a very important factor for customers and in general, if the person sees that the company does not offer simple service, it is most likely that they will end up not buying in the end.

If you want to offer customer service on your website, adding a live chat is a great idea, plus it's the fastest way to get responses.

The Pure Chat plugin allows you to customize the appearance of the customer service window and manage all conversations from the same interface.

There is no doubt that WordPress plugins are here to make your life easier. If you still don't have any of those mentioned in this article, you better start doing it now, because both your site and your customers will thank you.

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