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What is a Call to Action and what is its importance

A Call to action (CTA) can be defined simply as an invitation to the reader to click for a certain purpose. It can be through a button, other times a word or phrase and even an image.

The Call to Action can be for anything: downloading files, registering for a website or contest, making a phone call, and even reading another blog post. The possibilities are endless.

Why is the Call to Action important?

A website or blog is made to sell, retain customers, inform or simply let the world know that a company exists.

Well, a Call to Action is the best way to sell, build loyalty, inform and make yourself known. It is the best way to motivate the participation of potential customers and measure their intentions.

How to create effective CTAs

Here are some features that will make your CTA more effective and achieve better results:

- Visible:

It is essential that the CTAs are located in visible places. It is useless to invite the reader to subscribe to the newsletter with a button located in the most hidden corner of your website.

- Simple:

If it is an image or a phrase, make sure it is easy to understand, otherwise it will not be effective. For example: if you put 688974582 at the top of the screen (assuming it is the customer service phone number), how will your customers know that it is a phone number? Ideally, write a word or phrase that invites users to call or it can even be a phone icon.

- Of course:

Use words like "Call us", "Download", "Click", "Sign up", "Buy", etc. They are the most effective option when building CTAs and if it is an image it must be very striking.

Internet users have been educated to click buttons, so the image is also a great alternative.

- Sense of urgency

Phrases such as "Time is running out", "There are X days ...", "Hurry!" they can help persuade the reader to make a decision now.

Of course, before launching a Call to Action, don't forget to try it out. Make multiple versions of it and analyze which of them will give you the best results for your Web page.

Also, just one Call to Action may not be enough, so you can alternate phrases with images, buttons, or even animated gifs. Anything goes!

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