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Why should you create a blog for your company?

Why you should create a blog for your company

A blog is one of the most valuable tools that companies have to interact with customers and, ultimately, make their lives easier. If you had not considered the option of creating a blog for your business before, it is time to start or stay behind.

If you think you need reasons to convince yourself to create a blog for your company, in this article we bring you the 15 most important ones.

15 reasons to create a blog for your company

  1. A blog is simple and easy to use, therefore it is essential to have a platform like this to connect and share relevant and timely information with your customers. In other words, it is the direct communication channel between your company and your customers.
  2. A blog is what fuels SEO. Search engines love valuable content and if you apply the right techniques, you will undoubtedly be well rewarded.
  3. You don't have to be a professional designer. There are intuitive platforms like WordPress or HubSpot that do not require advanced skills. You can also consider the option of hire web design services for very cheap prices.
  4. 60% of companies that have decided to blog have also gained more customers, according to a HubSpot survey.
  5. Your blog is the heart of all the content you use for marketing. It is where all the information that you disseminate on social networks should be concentrated: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, newsletters, etc.
  6. Creating a blog allows your company to have a voice beyond the web. It is a place to discuss new products or services, to comment on news topics or new trends in the market; to share company initiatives and more. A blog is also the perfect place to showcase your brand's personality and show customers what sets your company apart from the rest.
  7. Through the blog you can share your experience. How else easier can your clients check if you are an expert?
  8. A blog encourages interaction, comments and feedback, therefore it is a perfect way to converse with the usual clients, potentials and experts in different areas. Of course, be sure to answer all the comments.
  9. It helps you stay updated on topics of interest to your company. When looking for content for your blog you soak up the latest news.
  10. When creating a blog you stay focused on the content marketing strategy, since you must have a plan and stick to it to achieve the purpose.
  11. Free public relations. If your blog manages to position itself as one of the best in its area, you can get interviews, recommendations and mentions from recognized journalists.
  12. A blog sharpens your focus, as you must define who you are writing for and why. Creating a blog that doesn't appeal to your target audience is a wasted effort.
  13. A blog helps you to publicize your brand. It is an ideal place to offer more complete information about your company, philosophy, vision, mission and ideas. Through a platform like this you can let your clients know why you are in business and how you can help them.
  14. A blog is an inexhaustible source of inspiration, because after you create it you start to see content ideas in everything: talking to your friends and colleagues, watching movies, reading or just walking down the street.
  15. It gives you an idea of who your customers are. The statistics of a blog allow you to keep track of your readers, clicks, popular topics, actions they take, and comments. You can even know which day of the week you receive the most visits and develop strategies according to this information.

If you are still not convinced about creating a blog for your company, take a test and you will see how little by little you will see positive results and you will feel more motivated. If you want to read more articles related to web design, Click here.