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7 tips for your brand's Instagram account to be successful

Instagram is one of the most used social networks today, not only because of how easy and intuitive its platform is, but also because more and more companies are focusing their marketing campaigns there.

It could be said that thanks to Instagram the influencers, since this social network works wonders to establish a relationship between the client and the brand, as well as for the promotion of products and services.

If your company has an account on Instagram but you are the only follower and the only one who gives 'like' to the photos, keep reading this article, because we will explain how to improve the experience of your potential customers and how to make the most of all the benefits that this social network offers us.

How to use Instagram?

We have already commented before that the Instagram platform is very intuitive and easy to use. Well, for those who still have doubts, simply register with a username (which is usually the name of the company and the same user used for the rest of the social networks), add a profile photo (for example , the brand logo) and a link to the website.

But what to do next? From this moment the real difficulty begins for many brands and companies.

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Instagram for brands
Instagram is one of the most useful tools to boost a brand and sell. 

Tips to make your Instagram account a success

1. Use the Instagram blog for business

When the social network began to become popular and brands flocked to get noticed, they did not have much information on how to take advantage of it. In response to this, Instagram created a blog for brands, which offers tips, examples and news.

It is important that you stay up-to-date with the platform so that you can get the most out of all the new features.

2. Balance funny and corporate images

The biggest advantage that Instagram has is that it allows its users to tell stories with images and that can also be applied by brands. But it is important to know how to balance between funny and corporate photos.

It is necessary that you analyze the reaction of your users with each type of photograph you publish, so you can know what they like and please them.

3. Cultivate your followers

Three useful tips to gain followers on Instagram are:

  • Connect the Facebook account of the company or brand.
  • Use hashtags wisely and without overdoing it.
  • Participate by following others and liking their photos.

4. Post Videos

Instagram has improved a lot since its inception and today it is possible to post videos of 15 seconds (sometimes even longer) with filters and editing functions. Take advantage of the new advantages of the platform and from time to time publish a video; Of course, do not exaggerate, since it could become a disadvantage.

5. Place a link to the account on Instagram on the blog or web

Give your customers and visitors access to your Instagram account from the blog or web it is a big advantage. The easier you make your visitors' tasks, the easier it will be to succeed. Remember that everything on the Internet should be one click away.

6. Follow your followers

Curiously, many brands on Instagram (some even with many followers) do not give 'follow back'. This is important if you want to create a link between the brand and the user.

By following users interested in your company or brand, you are letting them know that you are not a machine and that you are also interested in meeting them.

7. Create a flexible publishing plan

Especially when the account is used by multiple people, it is important to create a publishing plan that should not be strict but must be adhered to as much as possible.

Why is it necessary to have a publication plan? The answer is very simple: if you start posting a lot, you could saturate your followers' feeds and lose them. A plan will help you know the frequency of the posts and analyze the results.

For now we are going to leave it in seven tips, but do not worry, because soon we will publish more tips to make the most of this important social network.

Have you created an account on Instagram for your company or brand and you don't know how to promote it? Contact us and we will help you achieve success and turn your followers into regular customers.

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