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6 Reasons why your Company needs an App for interns

App for interns

You have a company and with the arrival of summer you are about to receive a large influx of interns. But university students want to do internships not only in the most successful companies, but also in the most innovative and those with the most advanced technology.

So, what better way to present the internship program of your business or company than with an app?

College students use mobile apps in many ways, such as meeting people, communicating, learning or having fun and all by simply sliding your fingers across the screen.

In this article we explain some reasons to create an App dedicated solely to your company's internship program.

1. Social Networks

An app for interns allows them a space to get to know you even before they are selected. Through the social networks of your App, young people can exchange valuable information, receive advice or even organize meetings to form a good group of colleagues before the first day of work.

2. Notifications

Do you need to send a notice to all fellows? With an app you can send them all the information immediately directly to each student's mobile phone. This also motivates them to download the app and use it, otherwise they won't be able to hear about important changes and announcements.

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App for interns
Many companies have already launched an app for interns.

3. Games, why not?

An excellent way to evaluate the performance of your company's interns is through tests and games. This strategy is most effective because it is a fun way to rate student participation and learning during practice.

4. Analysis and reports in real time

With an app for trainees, it is not necessary to make questionnaires to young people so that they can tell you if they liked the process, if they have learned, and so on.

At any stage of the practices, you can send the questions you need and they will only have to use your mobile in order to respond. The best part is that you can use the statistics to generate reports on how often the interns use the information and know how involved they are.

5. Calendar

Make your interns aware of the activities from day 1. With a calendar you can organize the modules, report on the tasks to be done, plan meetings, and so on.

6. All in one application

The biggest advantage of having an app for scholarship recipients is ease. Today, university students are in search of the easiest route to carry out any activity.

The easier it is for them to check email, connect with other people, or stay informed, the more enthusiastic and involved they will be, and internships are no exception. You dare?

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