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How an APP can help NGOs tell stories and raise funds

App for NGO.

Non-profit organizations depend on the success of the awareness campaigns they carry out. But despite the advantages of social media Like Facebook or Twitter, email or other platforms to reach people, the evolution of new technologies has made it increasingly difficult to receive support.

An App can help non-profit organizations, independent media and activists by communicating their initiatives and achievements in a more visual, dynamic and aesthetic way.

Through an App, NGOs can share photos, videos, news, tweets and also carry out fundraising campaigns, show the amount of money raised, the end date of the initiatives, and much more.

The design and effective distribution of information are the key elements for the success of these Apps, however, there are other very important factors such as:

1. Tell stories in a simple way

Telling a story in a visually appealing way can make the reader feel identified and inspired to collaborate, which translates into a unique opportunity to achieve the objectives: to obtain support for the organization.

Taking care of the writing and at the same time writing in an informal and close way are essential aspects.

2. Show data

Transmitting data about the organization to interested people can make there a greater empathy and willingness to help. If you publish statistics on the number of children who are at risk of malnutrition and just below you place a link to donate money that will be used to send food to the most disadvantaged countries, surely the person who is reading will feel obliged to collaborate.

3. Transparency

Transparency is a word widely used in non-profit organizations and political parties, who need to show that they are making a responsible use of money and that thanks to the support of people the objectives can be achieved.

Posting information about the organization, the donations they have received, and the details of expenses and campaigns is an invitation to react and collaborate, as readers see that it is really worth it.

4. Provide contact details

It is important to give people the opportunity to collaborate and also express their opinions. Visibly placing a contact section and sending questions in the App will allow you to receive ideas for initiatives and campaigns to reach a wider audience and make people feel involved with the project.

5. Provide follow-up to initiatives

In the case of non-governmental organizations related to the care and adoption of animals, an App can be an excellent tool for people to track an adopted pet, or the health situation of an animal, etc.

APPs are not only for companies and businesses, a non-profit organization can also benefit from the advantages of new technologies.

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