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Why is my business mobile application not successful?

If you want the mobile application of your business is aimed at making life easier for your customers, you should put yourself in their shoes and focus on eliminating or reducing elements that may be confusing or annoying for them.

It has been shown that 80% applications are never opened twice, so most of these are deleted forever. How can you avoid being part of the statistics and improve your mobile application?

Tips to improve your mobile application

1. Forget about insistent requests

The worst thing you can do is force your customers to follow your business on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and whatever social network exists.

If the content you publish is worthwhile (that is, it has attractive content, special offers or discounts) they will follow you without you forcing them.

Aggressive tactics are hardly sustainable, and usually just make users want to get rid of the APP as soon as possible.

2. Avoid intrusive advertising

Especially if it is full-screen ads or videos with heavy graphics that what they do is slow down the user's mobile. If your application has great potential and is very useful, you can throw all the work away by abusing advertising.

3. Make content visible

You know how uncomfortable it is to have to zoom in to read content, so it is important to adapt it so that it is readable on a small screen.

Your users' experience should be effortless, comfortable, and natural.

4. Forget access through Facebook

Facebook intrusion is not user friendly. Give them the opportunity to register in a traditional way and not only through this social network, since many clients are aware that the company may have access to their confidential information.

5. Do not abuse the notifications

With the amount of messages, emails and notifications that companies are sending every day, if you do the same with your application, the user may end up deleting it forever. Send notifications only when necessary.

6. Don't overwhelm your users with questions

If you ask your customers too often about the development of the APP, they will naturally be upset. Opinion requests need to be relevant and come at the right time, for example after installation or an update.

7. If you use customer information, be sure to ask for permission

Not notifying users that you will use the information they provide can be very irritating.

8. Optimize your APP

According to a Business Insider study, the top reasons users delete a mobile app are: freezing, unresponsiveness, too much battery usage, and ads.

The mobile application industry grows at a very fast pace every day, therefore, only the best have the opportunity to compete for the attention of the most demanding customers. Receive the advice of a team specialized in the Mobile application development and make your business compete with the best.

What has been your experience with the mobile application of your company?