Digital marketing

The ABCs of Digital Marketing for Beginners (Part I)

Now that you know the importance of digital marketing to the success of your business, some terms are probably familiar to you. However, in this article we bring you a guide with the most common definitions when it comes to marketing.


Google Analytics is the one way to know in depth the behavior of your customers and users according to the content you publish. With this tool you are able to know the details about the traffic of your website or blog, which makes it one of the best in the area of digital marketing.


Blogging (or the art of blogging) is one of the basic components of content marketing, as it is responsible for site traffic, lead generation, and positioning as a leader in your area.

A blog should be created from a base of topics and keywords important to the audience, which help to solve the questions of your readers and convert them into potential customers.

Buyer Persona

Knowing your audience is vital to the success of digital marketing and the buyer persona helps you do just that, that is, create specific content to meet the needs of your target audience.

Call to Action

Calls to action are an indispensable part of the content of your blog or website, because they help with the conversion of all the traffic.

It is important that all the content you publish on your website contains a call to action, whether it is to share it on social networks, subscribe to the newsletter or take a look at another blog article.

Conversion rate

Conversion rates can give you an idea of the quality of the content on your website and if your readers have been persuaded to buy a product or hire a service, since they indicate the behavior they have once they have entered the site.

digital marketingDynamic content

Dynamic content is a way to display different messages on your website based on the information you already know about your visitors.

For example, first-time visitors to your blog might see a call to action to subscribe to the newsletter, while those who are registered in your database display an offer or an important message for them.


Ebooks (or electronic books) are a type of content that many marketers use to generate leads. They contain more information than a post or blog entry and specify details about the content of interest to the audience.


Hashtags are a tool that allows you and your readers to interact in the social media and have conversations about certain content.

Creating a hashtag for every big part of the content you post on the internet and subsequently promoting it on social media is a great way to easily start conversations and monitor them.


Each industry has its influencers, people who help position your product or service due to the great influence they have on your target audience.

It is important to carry out a study of the personalities that can exert as influencers of your brand, since it must be a very well thought out choice.


Users search Google using keywords, hence its great importance. It is essential to establish a search for the keywords that your target audience searches on the internet to develop content related to those topics.

It is necessary to clarify that for a content to be positioned among the first places in search engines, it must not only contain a relevant keyword, but also be of quality.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are used almost exclusively in digital marketing, they are a tool that allows you to convert your visitors into potential customers and establish relationships with them.

To know more about landing pages, click here.

You probably already knew some terms that we have explained to you; The important thing is to apply them all to optimize your website or blog to the maximum and be efficient not only in content, but also in marketing strategy, interaction with users and more.

If you need help to boost the digital marketing of your project, do not hesitate to write us and tell us your idea. We are here to help you!